Are you struggling with your career?

Trying to find your path?

You see people around you stretching their wings, but you can't seem to take off.

You want more, not just more of the same.

You're overwhelmed by possible paths, and can't find your inner direction.

I completely understand. I've been there, too...

But you don't have to be confused any longer!



A coaching course designed to help you understand your story and get your direction in only 4 weeks!

Did you say just FOUR weeks?!


So, here's the thing. Figuring out your path doesn't have to take years. You don't need permanent career or life coach to help you figure out what moves you. 

You already know what you're passionate about! And you probably have some ideas about which ways you could go next. 

All you need is a little help understanding your past, recognizing your needs, and effectively projecting your future in a way you can take real action on!

Just give me 4 weeks and you will have more tangible understanding and real direction. You'll be ready to aim and shoot yourself to the stars. 

Get ready - the program begins in the fall! Dates TBD.

Imagine driving your career instead of feeling like you're stuck in the back seat.

Imagine knowing why you're passionate about things, and doing those things in the best way for you.

Imagine being able to look at opportunities and know if they're right for you.

Imagine being able to do all of this clearly, genuinely, and with power!

This is all possible for you!

How do I know?

Hi, my name is Ria.

I am an expert coach, trainer, and educator.

Like a lot of people, I've struggled to bring meaning to all, and not just part, of my life. I've done everything from teaching elementary school in Japan to bartending to mortgage brokering to working in Human Resources, to being a university Associate Director. Along the way, I got a Masters degree, multiple training and change management certifications, was selected for year-long leadership fellowships and training programs. I did a ton of investigation, diving deep into 40 years of research, trying to find better ways, real answers. It look a lot of searching and circling, but I finally found my path, and with it how to help other people find theirs. I am now here to share what I learned with you.

How do I do it?

First, I use science-based and human-fueled techniques for practical guidance that works. My programs are built on decades of research from the fields of psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. Second, my methods play to our human strengths so that change is doable and sustainable, and we use what we have to grow to who we can be. Finally, I use tough compassion, because we all need loving bops on the behind now and again.

"By the time I was referred to Ria I was like a ship in a storm without a rudder, and sinking fast. Ria was like radar, her course was able to deliver concise coaching that was easy to absorb with a clear, logical, and effective results. The format of the course enabled me to navigate with confidence my way back to the “Mojo” I once enjoyed."

Helena Bushong
Activist and Author

"Undergoing coaching with Ria was a great experience that certainly helped improve our business. Ria coached our Executive team through tough conversations and got us to start looking much more carefully at our team dynamics. We came away from our 10-week program a group that was closer, more transparent, and better at communicating. Not only is Community Currency a significantly more efficient company now, but it is even more enjoyable to work with."

Evan Taylor

"Working with Ria helped me learn more about myself, and understand what career options and environments would be good for me, in a way I'd never experienced. With her coaching I was able to find a position after months of underemployment."

Gitanjali Murthy
Technology Strategist

When you sign up for

Take Control of Your Career,

here's what you get:

WEEK ONE: Name Your Story

In this week we dive deep into your life/work story using the 6 Core Questions to get to the heart of your experiences.

We want to make sure you fully explore and lay out the building blocks of your professional self. This is critical. We all have blind spots and soft areas, and to be able to understand your path and how you should walk it, we need to really get to know all of you.

LESSON OUTCOMES: Story building, Powerful Question training, Storytelling training.

WEEK TWO: Claim Your Story Part 1

In this week we explore how to identify the patterns in your story and self that uplift and undermine you.

It’s easy to tell stories about ourselves, but just telling stories doesn’t mean that we know how to analyze and internalize what happened in them to make sure we do better in the future. So, in this lesson we will learn how to identify life and work patterns of what uplifts and undermines us through both our actions and feelings/thoughts.

LESSON OUTCOMES: Thrive/Deprive framework, Experience/Expertise framework, break down and understand your story.

WEEK THREE: Claim Your Story Part 2

In this week you learn what your Core Values are, how they affect you, and how to use them to drive your career and life. In this lesson we will finish claiming your story by identifying your Core Values and pulling everything together to provide a roadmap to the future of what works for you and doesn’t, and what fulfills and challenges you and doesn’t. 

LESSON OUTCOMES: Core Values Identification, Claiming affirmations, a comprehensive understanding of your story thus far.

WEEK FOUR: Aim Your Story

In this week you learn how to tie everything together to find and stick to your true path.

Now that you’ve claimed your story, we need to use the lessons we learned in it to help you find and follow your calling! In this lesson we will start by exploring who your future self will be if you keep doing what you’ve been doing (not what we want – this is just the start!). Then, we will build your Avatar and use it to guide you into your best future.

LESSON OUTCOMES: Future-self framing, ideal Avatar building, path identification and goal-setting, you go-go-going forward!

Also included are these bonuses!

Work Your Values e-book

This workbook walks you through how your Core Values bring meaning to your life and influence how you live and work. Includes fillable, printable posters you can use to remind yourself of your passions and strengths.

Normal price $25

Build Your Brag Bank e-book

This workbook helps you bring together your passions, experiences, and strengths in meaningful ways for you to use with yourself and others. Includes a fillable, printable poster.

Normal price $25

Face Your Fear e-book

This workbook provides step-by-step, science-backed tools to help you face and work through the fears that keep you from reaching for your dreams and walking your path.

Normal price $25

Live weekly Q&A with Ria.

I know that a lot of times, even with the best of guidance, we can get stuck in our heads when we're digging deep into ourselves. That's why each week of the course I'll be doing four live AMAs - one for each week of the program. These videos will be recorded and uploaded so you can go back and listen to them, even after the program is over.

Total value $1000

Forever Facebook Community

During the program, I know you'll need a place to touch base with me, get feedback on your process, and ask questions as you work through the course. Plus, it's so much easier to work on this stuff in a supportive community!

A $500 value!

The Investment

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This program is for you if...


You have the skills and the will, but just can't seem to find the way.

Nothing changes, even when you change jobs or work.

You keep hitting walls.

You keep finding yourself in situations that seemed great on the outside, but were all wrong once you got in.

You don't have the time to commit to ongoing 1:1 coaching.


"Working with Ria is, in one word, refreshing. Her manner is direct, and her guidance is reliable. Never have I had the privilege of working with someone who means what they say when they say it. If she says something will happen, I could rest assured it would. Her passion for her work shines beyond the difficulty of any task."

Benjamin Leibowitz
Pathology Analyst

"Ria is one of the most tenacious and helpful people I have ever worked with. Her breadth of knowledge and expertise far surpassed what one would expect her to know, and she is always learning more. Beyond being an extremely capable advisor and resource, she is such an amazing person to be around. Whenever I could, I went out of my way to be with her in person because of how much I enjoy spending time with her."

Anna Feiler
Business Analyst

"Ria was our advisor for our entrepreneurship student group, EPIC, for the past several years. I have directly been working with her for the past 3 years in multiple capacities. Ria is extremely resourceful, knowledgable, and just a pleasure to work with. As a student group, we feel incredibly lucky to have an advisor that cares so much about our mission. We go to her for advice on problems that we’re stuck with, or just to brainstorm new ideas."

Charbel Bourjas
Associate Product Manager

A final note from Ria

Growth is about being invested yourself and deciding to do something about it. There are tons of statistics on how people are more and more dissatisfied with what they do, unsure of how to bring who they are to what they do, and not actually thinking about their futures.

Now is the time to use all of the experiences, passion, and understanding inside you to fire you up and fuel you forward so you do think about your future, you do know how to use your gifts, and you are satisfied with what you do.

It's time to stop being afraid of yourself. Time to give yourself a chance. It's time to take control of your narrative because this is your life and your story, and you should be the one to tell it.

I've been waiting for this!

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